Medical monitoring

ATLASense Biomed is a digital health technology and solutions startup that develops an innovative medical monitoring solution based on the advanced bio-sensing capabilities of the ATLASense Biomed SMARTrode. The SMARTrode senses an unprecedented range of physiological signals and sends data wirelessly and securely to the cloud. The signals are analyzed simultaneously and in parallel by powerful software to provide early detection and reporting of an exceptional range of vital signs, health conditions and trends. The analysis phase cross-checks multiple parameters for supporting evidence resulting in accurate and reliable reporting.

As an example of using multiple physiological signals and vital signs for early detection and reporting of a condition, consider shock, a dangerous, life threatening situation that requires immediate treatment. The most important symptom of shock is low blood pressure. Other important symptoms include rapid, shallow breathing, rapid, weak pulse, and cold, clammy skin.

The ATLASense Biomed monitoring solution provides Clinical Decision Support for early detection and reporting of shock. The SMARTrode monitors patients continuously and can detect the physiological changes associated with shock as they occur. Application software continuously analyzes signal data from the SMARTrode enabling early recognition that a patient is experiencing shock based on the unique physiological signature for this condition.

The monitoring solution is configurable on a per-user basis. It can be configured to report set conditions at set thresholds to set destinations.