About us

About ATLASense Biomed

ATLASense Biomed is an Israeli mHealth startup developing innovative and cost-effective end-to-end remote patient monitoring solutions for the under-served market of elderly and chronically ill patients. Continuous monitoring of these patients can provide early detection of physiological deterioration and life-threatening events, saving costs and lives. The ATLASense Biomed remote patient monitoring solutions enable continuous monitoring anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission

Using the comprehensive, physiological monitoring capabilities of the PolyMonitor device and our unique algorithms to deliver high-value healthcare applications that cost-effectively save lives, improve care and safety, and enable a better quality of life for patients and caregivers.

Our Vision

ATLASense Biomed will become the global game-changer in medical monitoring. Our vision is to be the leader in early detection and prediction of health deterioration for elderly and chronically ill people. We will use the unmatched multi-sensing capabilities of our PolyMonitor device and sophisticated software data processing in the cloud to accurately and reliably report health conditions and trends, allowing pro-active medical care, early intervention and better opportunities for saving lives.

Our earlier activity

ATLASense Biomed technologies are based on more than 40 years and over 300 monitoring projects of former company ATLAS engineering. For more information about ATLAS Engineering, please see http://www.atlas-arl.com